Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ugly Architecture in Fayetteville

As I was exploring my new town, I encountered a very unusual structure sitting up on the hill. It kinda looks like one those old fire towers, or an air traffic control tower. It's just sitting out there on a hill miles from any big forrest or airport. It looks like it was made out of tin siding and lanscaping poles. It pretty tall. I'd guess about 60 feet or so. It looks about the same size as Nazi Jesus. I know that ugly is subjective, but I think it's darn ugly.

So, I asked around and found out that it's called The Keenan Tower House. A famous architect by the name of Marlon Blackwell designed it. As a house it's actually tiny. The living space is much like a studio apartment. My apartment is probably bigger. There's an open to the sky patio on the roof. It's an impressive structure despite it's fugliness. You know, if they rented it out by the night, I'd totally rent it for a special occasion.

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