Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wierd Religious Art: White Jesus Comes Again

Over at The Atheist Nexus, a friend of mine has started a discussion about a Seventh-Day Adventist pamphlet that he had received in the mail, The Time of The Beast. I think I have seen this one some time ago, when I briefly attended an SDA church. It's really typical of SDA literature. The artwork, of course, is atrocious.

Unlike Jehovah's Witness artwork, SDA artwork tends to be a bit more euro-centric. Probably because most adventists are white. Yet, so are JWs and they at least portray some racial plurality. That being said, I think this is the first time I've seen Jesus looking almost exactly like The Burger King. I thought, at first, that this has got to be the farthest I've seen the cliched White Jesus taken, but I was wrong.

You want to click on that photo to see the entire picture. One of the commentors in the discussion pointed out that the only "non-white" person depicted in that photo happens to be bearing The Mark of the Beast. Interesting. Notice, also, the lack of perspective as the green lasers shoot sideways from the soldier's goggles.

Now, the most interesting part is that the picture depicts the classic 666 tatooed on the foreheads of the evildoers. When I attended a SDA church, I read The Great Controversy by Ellen G. White. In that book, the Mark of the Beast was described as not keeping the Sabbath day (saturday), not as a physical mark on your head. So maybe, this book doesn't jive completely with SDA eschatology.

Oh yeah, be sure to click here to see the cover of this horrible pamphlet.

Hat tip to DoobySnax at The Atheist Nexus.


The Rambling Taoist said...

Wait a second. You mean Jesus and the Burger King aren't the same person!? Gosh, now I'll have to watch all those Burger King commercials in a new light! :D

Anonymous said...

Heads-up, here in Summerville, SC they're distributing the same pamphlet, for a seminar on Oct. 16th 2010. Weird (fix that thar spellin' on your post, wouldya?) art continues to spread!

Also, you left out of your post the wonderfully piggish illustration of a brown woman with the 666 on her forehead. It's KKK-lassy!

Anonymous said...

oops, now I see her - had to expand the image. Really, white folKKKs like this need to be called out not for focusing on themselves, but their disdain for everyone else.