Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ray Comfort Broke My Heart

A few days ago, Ray Comfort offered a free dinner for his atheist readers. I promptly sent in my request, but I was turned down with this email.
Due to the overwhelming response for a free dinner at Red Lobster (for atheists), we have had to cap it.

We are no longer honoring anymore requests due to the lack of funds.

Thanks for your understanding.
Fair enough. Ray has no obligation to buy my dinner. However, I do have some unfinished business with him. So I took this opportunity to reply with this message.
Very well then. No hard feelings.

I do request that Ray Comfort take his quote of me off of the internet. That quote can be found here.

I know that he is not legally bound to do so, but I feel that I am being misrepresented and he also ridiculed my surname, which offended me. There is also a pdf of the same article as well. Thanks for understanding.
Of course, I mean it as a joke. I don't expect him to do anything of the sort. I am curious, though, if that'll provoke some kind of response. Well, I'm not holding my breath.


Robert Madewell said...

Wow! I got a very prompt reply.

Hello Mr. Madewell:

Ray Comfort has requested our webmaster to remove your name.

Living Waters Publications


Anonymous said...


i can appreciate your sense of humor but i don't see any mention in your post of your reaction to his response. i thought he made a valid point.

your thoughts?

Robert Madewell said...

Yeah, me indignantly asking for the removal of my name was a silly stunt. I probably shouldn't have done it, but oh well. I was a bit put off.

Maybe, I felt entitled to something because he had quoted me in an article and flyer. That, of course, is selfish and immature on my part. Now, I feel bad.

That being said, I really don't want or need anything from The Bannana Man. I shouldn't be asking him for anything, even if he offers it. However, I am seriously thinking about pulling the stunt with a DQ card for a bannana split. He has been nice (though for ulterior motives). So maybe, he deserves someone buying him something for a change. LOL

Robert Madewell said...

Anonymous, of course, I responded and so did a dozen or so other atheists. That article was first posted over a year ago, you know? I think you can find my response, if you know how to google.

Oh heck. I did the work for you.

CLICK HERE for the original blog post and my response.

Robert Madewell said...

Oh yeah, I failed to mention that Ray's quote of me was cherry picked and that I had a bigger point to make, which Ray ignored.

Click Here for my comment that he quoted.

Lorena said...

Red Lobster, huh? I wonder if he actually paid for anyone's dinner?

What do you think he was trying to accomplish by having atheists for dinner? For the life of me, I can't think of a reason.

Temaskian said...

High class soup kitchen?

Robert Madewell said...

You know, I kinda think that Ray has bought dinner for a few people. He probably capped it when he realized how much money was involved, but I have no problem believing that Ray was sincere in his offer.

Ray is a bit different than other evangelists. He's not really a creationist in the same sense that Ken Ham or Eric Hovind is. Sure, he goes with the argument from design, but I haven't heard him get into the science too much. The bannana argument is just the same old argument from design that he does with everything else. He doesn't seem to invent his own science like Ham or Hovind does.

One thing that I can admire about comfort is that he does allow comments. I know he threatens to delete comments over silly capitalization rules, but I haven't had him do that to me in the past. (I did forget a few times.) Compare Ray's comment policy to the comment policy of Ken Ham. That is, of course, no comments allowed at all because he is afraid of criticism.

Eric Hovind, on the other hand, tried to do a Ray Comfort style comment policy, but failed. Now, Eric rarely even posts articles on his blog.

Some can do it, others can't.

ethinethin said...

He doesn't seem to invent his own science like Ham or Hovind does.

What about "crocoduck"? Over and over again, Ray states falsehoods and draws on common misunderstandings of science (such as cats giving birth to dogs, and how a male and female must evolve separately at exactly the same time). Maybe he doesn't invent creationist nonsense and pass it off as science, but he tries to discredit science (and falsely elevate his own understanding to the same level as PhD evolutionary biologists).

Make no mistake, Ray Comfort is just as anti-science as Ham and Hovind.

This whole giveaway didn't even make sense to me. His stated reason was not to evangelize but to show atheists that christians are capable of loving strangers. I have my doubts though and suspect that he is saving the addresses.

Robert Madewell said...

I forgot about the crocoduck.

Robert Madewell said...

Maybe, I should expect some literature in the mail? I'd love it!