Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Atheist Blogroll (over there, somewhere)------>

I have added the Atheist Blogroll to my sidebar. I'm having a bit of trouble getting it to work. It's supposed to scroll down the blogroll. On my blog, it just sits there. Maybe some of you guys have a bit of experience with it.

Anyhoo! I'm trying to get on the blogroll because Mojoey (the owner of the blogroll) is throwing an atheist photo contest and I have a few pictures to submit (JUSUS SAVES?).

Well, I'll send the required email tomorrow.

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Billyist said...

I was a little confused at first too. After you post something on your blog, you have to visit moejoey's blog and "ping" the atheist blogroll it's on the left side of his page. I couldn't get the one that keeps scrolling to work either (like the one they have on Atheist Experience), but honestly, it sorta stinks. This one has the most recently updated 20 something blogs and it updates frequently and on it's own.

Hope this helps