Saturday, August 2, 2008


There's a lady in town that makes these religious cardboard signs, then she tapes them to stop signs and street signs. The signs are ugly. The wind eventually rips them off of the post leaving tape tangled all over the post. I don't care about the message. I feel the same about the yard sale signs. I just think they're generally ugly and need to be cleaned up after a certain amount of time.

The most popular site for these ugly signs is a four way stop just a couple of blocks from my house. The sign below was posted about 3 months ago and is still up. We even had a wind storm that knocked down trees all over town and this sign survives. Is this proof of the wonderful power of faith? Maybe not. Read the sign carefully.

Heres a zoom, in case you missed it.

You got that right! JUSUS SAVES!
The funny thing is that this sign has been up for three months and nobody but me seems to have noticed the typo. You'd think some humorless fundy would notice and take it down.

I originally posted about this sign here.

Having experienced a total lack of insight, I forgot to mention that my photo was displayed with an excellent essay by Ebonmuse at Daylight Atheism here.


Stephen said...

Robert Madewell said...

Thanks stephen, I have sent them the url of the pics.

Everyone, take a look at the site stephen linked to. It's funny.

LA said...

What? But I thought that all religious types were soooo intellectual! *rolls eyes* I heart Jusus, too. Nice FAIL spotting!

Carly Ann said...

Fails are my favorite. :)