Sunday, August 3, 2008


My nephew yesterday informed be about laminin. Laminin is a molecule that holds cell membranes together. What is so fascinating to fundies about this molecule seems to be that it is usually depicted in diagrams shaped like a cross. In this YouTube video, Louie Giglio shows a diagram of it and the audience gasps! Of course, Giglio explains that this is proof of God and that Jesus is holding our cells together.

The cross shape is a simple geometric pattern. I bet there are many other molecules that can be diagramed as a cross. As a matter of fact, you can unfold a cube into the shape of a cross. Jumping to the conclusion that a molecule that can be diagramed as a cross is significant, is fallacious.

This is not much different than classic pareidolia, except that in this case the pattern is not random, but a simple geometric shape. The significance lies in the fact that Christians are taught that the cross has significance. So when a simple geometric pattern shows up in nature, it supposedly prooves that God left his signature in the very structure of the cell?

This isn't the first time I've come across Louie Giglio. He enters the realm of astronomy here. I had trouble watching this. He pirated someone elses animation, then he botches the pronunciation of most of the stars. He also confuses the constellation Canis Majoris with a star in that constellation. I think he should stick to the Bible and leave science alone.

I posted a copy of this article on the Fayetteville Freethinkers Forum. It generated some good discussion about other molecules with fasinating structures (with pictures).

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