Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Gentle Hatred

Hate is still hate, even if you say it with a gentle classical guitar playing in the background. Let me introduce you to YokeUp from YouTube.

Just substitute "atheist" with "jew" and "atheism" with "judaism" and you'd have a first class hate video. It's not the fact that he is critical of atheism that bothers me, it's the us and them tone. Take out the classical guitar and his voice takes on a hateful and arrogant attitude. He uses a few outspoken atheists on YouTube as examples of pathetic atheists, then throws all atheists into the same bucket (so to speak).

You can't stereotype atheists, because there is only one thing that makes a person an atheist. The belief of the non-existance of gods. There's no doctrinal statements, no seminaries, no holy book to read, and no preists. Each individual atheist is a unique person with his/her own beliefs and expectations. When we go to meetings, we're not told what to believe, we're not told what is right or wrong, and we do not perform any rituals.

YokeUp IMO is the pathetic individual here. His religion tells him what to believe and he believes it. No questions asked.


Larry M Jhonson said...

The religious imply they have the morals and assert god's as a given.
They have never presented a truly scientific testable version of how god's were created. They allways present god's as a absulote.
Science does not rationalize on god's. It is only based od testifyable fact. Tested by it's peers and the test of never being wrong, if new information comes out to support, or modify it the theory becomes stronger. Religion is not science or even bad science, it is mythology. Written by humans for humans and their inability to accept nature as a identity of evolution. No god's.
Just adjusting to whatever confronts it. What could be more beutifull. Larry M Johnson

Robert Madewell said...

Like the old saying, "Man created God in his own image."

Thanks Larry for commenting.