Friday, June 4, 2010

Rowdy Dames!

If you have ever had any doubts about misogyny in fundamentalist Christianity, this peice of propaganda will remove them, completely.

LADY PREACHERS, and other Rowdy Dames on the Loose

The sad thing is that he can back up everything he says with scripture. Should tell you something about the Bible, huh?

Hat tip: Stuff Fundies Like


Grace said...

Robert, Bless this man's heart. What a character he is. Where do you find these folks?

I'm one of these rowdy Christian women that he's talkin about. I "live to stir the pot." :) Just teasin, Robert.

Prayers ascending!!

P.S. You haven't posted for awhile. Doing ok?

L.Long said...

I agree with this guy 100%.
If you are silly enough to believe the g0d of the buybull is real and the buybull is his literal word, then anything less than FULL compliance is hippo-cracy (because it implies being a big fat bulging hypocrite). And following the schite in the buybull would quickly reveal the xtians as being just as bad as the islamics as both groups simply use the books are excuses for rabid control of anything not THEM and male.
Went to this guy's site and he's a real hoot and crazy assuming it is real and not something like '' as the 1st time I went there I thought he was a real go-4-it xtian, then later I saw what he was doing.

Leareth said...

madre dea, this just gets worse and worse as you go down. 'lesbian at heart' 'turn their sons into sodomites' Man, this would turn me off christianity if I wasn't already. *chuckle* of course, I'm one of these Dominated Men, he complains about.