Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Backpedal, ye who art dismayed!

Well, Jesus is coming sometime this fall, I guess. I was so looking forward to people flying off into the sky. I even recharged the camera so that I could get videos. Maybe next time.

It took almost a whole day for them to change the website.

For a good laugh, look at their webpage about Hell. There's only 49 pages if you were to print it out. Also, there's a bunch of depiction of Hell for me to blog about. Don't miss the part where they disclose the actual physical location for hell. (Hint: S waves don't penetrate Hell.)


ethinethin said...

Damn. I was hoping Leo would have ascended to the heavens. Sorry, Leo. Like Cubs fans say, there's always next year!!!

Leo said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Leo said...

That is wrong on so many levels.