Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lustful Thoughts?

Someone left a Chick Tract in the restroom at work. It was the spanish version of This was Your Life. In it I found a little scene that I thought was appropriate considering the controversy I sparked by saying that thoughts are harmless as long as they stay thoughts.

Doesn't this guy look creepy? Do you think he's going to jump this woman and force himself upon her? No. The tract portrays this man as only having a thought. He looks and thinks that the woman is nice looking. That's all. As far as the tract tells, the woman continued on in her day to day life happily unaware that a man thought that she looked nice. Oh, the horror! What do you think happens to the man for doing this? Let's just say that he gets to spend eternity on the wrong side of the BBQ.

Below this scene is this bible verse.
But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart. --- Matthew 5:28
This verse subtly blames women for the passing thoughts of men. Consider that adultery is a two person crime. The punishment according to the law at Jesus' time was for both parties to be stoned to death. It's this kind of reasoning that causes women to be forced to wear tents in some of the hottest places in the world.


Anonymous said...

The person who posted the bible verse was thinking of sex obviusly more then the one who was looking at the passing women. Physical attraction is perhaps the biggest reason for reproduction of our species. Why else would it be so important? It is not only men who are physicaly excited by the looks of the opposite sex. Nature, not the bible dictates what is important in life.
Larry Johnson

GCT said...

Who can blame the guy? I mean, let's face facts here...that chick is hot.

Robert Madewell said...

GCT said, "...that chick is hot."

I hope you meant the chick that is depicted in the comic and not the Chick that wrote the pamphlet. LOL!

GCT said...

Hmmm, I've never seen what Jack Chick actually looks like, so maybe he is hot? ;)

Laurie said...

"He gets to spend eternity on the wrong side of the BBQ"

ROTFL - Hilarious, Robert.

Anonymous said...

Actually, to me, the guy does look like a serial killer spotting his next victim, and I think that's horrible.

I think it's horrible that looking at a woman to admire her is being equaled to staring at her lustfully in a serial-killer sort of way.

That saint-or-foe Christian mentality is what makes it so crappy and so taxing in the believer's psyche. Even the pleasure of admiring beauty is denying to a follower of Jesus, how limiting. No wonder some "saints" become sexual perverts. When the natural instincts are repressed, they, in the end, present themselves in unpredictable, highly noticeable ways.

Oh, I agree that the "wrong side of the BBQ" is pretty funny.