Friday, January 16, 2009

GotQuestions: Your Turn Blog. Good Bye Fundyism.

For the last week I was posting comments on this article from The GotQuestions blog. (If you want to visit the blog, save the link because I'm taking it off of my blogroll.) I was accused of being a rapist and of not loving my wife when all these commenters knew about me was that I am an atheist. I honestly was seeking an answer to a question, but that question was lost in the barrage of insults. What was the post that started it all?
Comment by The True Scotsman

My last prayer was for God to show me that he really exists. It was the most sincere prayer I have ever spoken. That was 10 years ago, I’m still waiting.
The article was about whether God speaks to believers or not, so I thought that the comment was on topic. All I wanted to know from them was why God wouldn't answer a prayer for evidence. Instead, I found myself defending myself at every turn.

I guess, what a good friend of mine said to me was true after all.
"I hope it does not bring you dismay in the future, but you must realize that the fundamentalists are largely NOT nice people and do NOT want to get along, at least with regard to those who differ from their own beliefs." --Doug Krueger @ forum
I came from fundyism and I still have hopes for them. I guess, I need to just leave them completely alone. They'll never listen. They are not convincing to me anymore. Their doctrines are at the least laughable, and at the most hateful. See, people like this are my family. I am just dismayed that they cannot climb out of their superstitious beliefs. I guess, I'm giving up on reaching fundies. They do not want to be free from their stifling beliefs.


Robert Madewell said...

Don't worry. I still plan to criticize their beliefs logically. However, I may not be so nice in the future.

Anonymous said...

Christians in general are becoming
more militant in their beliefs. They are less tolerant and more forcefull whether it be debate, letters to the editers, telivision, polotics. Even to the point of theological dictatorship, way to many in America would welcome it.
Larry Johnson

normdoering said...

"Christians in general are becoming more militant in their beliefs. They are less tolerant and more forcefull whether it be debate..."

That might be an internet effect. It's an effect caused by all of us being strangers allowing people to project the worst. It would be hard to be more forceful than the Spanish Inquisition.

However, I don't think I'm projecting when I say that Ray Comfort may be psychotic.