Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Reminder: BNC Tonight at 6:30pm Central Time

Tonight December 10 at 6:30 pm I'll be at A local quack is holding an online Live Q&A. The quack is Shannon O'Dell the pastor of Brand New Church (BNC). He has sattelite churches in Mountain Home, Bryant, Fayetteville, and the mother church is in Bergman (5 miles from Harrison). This is the last time I plan to bug him. He doesn't seem to want to talk to me in person, so I'll not bother them after tonight.

There's no registration required for this, so anyone from all over the world can attend and ask embarrassing theological questions. The bad thing is that there is no rebuttal. He answers the question and that's it.


Anonymous said...

Shannon O'Dell
Robert he did not even answer your question of sufferring, evil in the world. He just said one has to take god (s) and believe in him. Why does world horror then still exist for the true Christian believer's? He did not address that of coarse. Blind faith is all to powerfull.
Larry Johnson

Anonymous said...

Hey Robert love having you there with us anytime you are welcome. Also, looking forward to the invite for lunch please let me know..

Fred Evans
Brand New Church

Mark Morrison said...

Robert what was your original question?