Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Orbs at work!

Part of my job is to take pictures of our product before we ship it out. This particular picture is of the inside of an FRP storage tank. Of course, I work in a very dusty environment. When the flash goes off, it sometimes catches images of out of focus dust particles. That's what the blurry circles are. However, some people who fancy themselves as ghost hunters say that these "orbs" are actually the souls of the dear departed. They often blow up the pictures of "orbs" saying that faces can be seen in them. I've enlarged two of the orbs in my picture. What do you think? I still think it's just dust particles.

The original photo is too big to put on the blog. Download the big picture.

Here's a nice orb.

And the brightest one in the picture.

Commenter Eshu has an excellent article on orbs on his blog.


Eshu said...

Nice pictures, Robert! Great examples of "orbs" every bit as good, IMO as the ones claimed to be supernatural.

I think the top one is Elvis and the bottom one is John Lennon. ;)

Anonymous said...

Why don't these orbs show up without a energy source such as a flash of light? (energy) This energy source reflects back to the camera from the dust particles to the negative in the camera. In the blown up picture you see dust particles even out of the tank and no orb. In a more confined region the dust is cocentraded do to the closeness of the flash.
Larry M Johnson

NiteSkyGirl said...

Orbs can also be a form of earthbound spirit's , I study earthbound-spirits. Ever hear of them anyone?
They are quite fascinating .

Robert Madewell said...

I don't buy it. Seems that most places where orbs are photographed are places where dust can get kicked up. Often in dusty old houses. Or outside at night, like in graveyards. The flash is the key. They almost never show up in pictures without flash. When they do, there's always some sort of outside light source. Also, orbs don't show up in high end film cameras. I bet that all orbs have a natural explaination. None of them are ghosts.

Anonymous said...

Here's the thing, I can understand that dust can get picked up, but like at cemetery locations, at night time, first of all, THIS location would be a prime spot to see them, and so this would explain why you can see so many. Secondly, what kind of dust is there going to be? it's grass all over the place, and as well, if you look at the objects in question, they appear to be far away in relation to other objects, if it was just dust and it was as far away as it appears, why would it appear to be like 10 inches in circumference, from such a far distance? wouldn't it be tiny, if even noticeable at all? it's quite silly to believe we are slabs of meat, seriously, this seems to be the general consensus.

Anonymous said...

I believe in spirits, but orbs are dust - not spirits. I'm also into UFOs, which some people claim these things are too.

External "orbs" are pollen, and depending on weather conditions can also be raindrops, snowflakes and yes you can get dust outside. Your own skin still casts off outside, and your clothes can give off dust or dead skin elements.

I've yet to see a good orb picture which can't be explained in this way. Most orbs are extremely close to the camera lens and flash, so appear larger than others.

Sorry, but if research into these things is to be taken seriously, we need to understand what they are before we go off "wishing" they're something that they're not.


Anonymous said...

tengo consecutivas en el mismo lugar y hora, y se observa claramente dos circunferencias "orbs" asi que queda descartado el tema del flash. en otra secuencia hay fotos en las que no sale nada y la diferencia entre cada una es de segundos. por Ășltimo quiero decir que no defiendo la teoria de los espiritus. yo solo quiero saber que es esto. no tengo ni idea, solo se que no es efecto de luz ni tampoco polvo o humedad. si fuera asi saldrĂ­an muchos orbs y no solo uno o dos.

Anonymous said...

I row in the same place and time, and clearly shows two circles "orbs" so the item is out of the flash. in another sequence in which photos are nothing comes out and the difference between each is in seconds. Finally let me say that not defending the theory of spirits. I just want to know what this is. I have no idea, only that it is not light nor effect of dust and moisture. if so would leave many orbs and not just one or two.
I can show the photos, I have many, day, night, with flash, without flash, indoors and outdoors. my email is eliarx2004@yahoo.es