Saturday, September 27, 2008

Atheist Starter Kit #05

5. Believe that the Bible is full of mistakes, and actually says things like the world is flat. Do not read it for yourself. That is a big mistake. Instead, read, believe, and imitate Richard Dawkins. Learn and practice the use of big words. "Megalo-maniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully" is a good phrase to learn. --Ray Comfort
Ok, I'll give. Maybe, the Bible isn't full of mistakes. There's not a mistake in every other verse, but I found three. I found those three in a half an hour of study. I bet I could find more if I tried. As long as there is at least one mistake, no one can claim that the Bible is inerrant. Creationists would agree with me. That's why they defend Genesis so strongly. If the creation narrative in Genesis is wrong, then the Bible is not inerrant. In my mistake search, I purposely avoided the creation story for that reason. I wanted something other than the creation/evolution debate, which for me is getting old.

There are several verses that hint at a belief of a flat earth(see 1 Chronicles 16:30, Job 38:4,6,13, and Ezekiel 7:2). As far as flat out saying that the earth is flat, I don't know that the Bible says it. I never use that argument.

I am an ex-christian. I am also a PK (preacher's kid). When I was younger, my Dad rewarded me with a few bucks for each book of the bible that I read. Over the course of my childhood, I have read the entire Bible. Also, when I was considering going into a ministry, I read the Bible front to back again about 10 years ago. I do have to agree with Ray. Reading the Bible is a big mistake. It made me an atheist. The Bible may not be full of mistakes, but it is full of brutality (see Deuteronomy 21:18-21).

Richard Dawkins? Who's that? Just kidding. No Ray, I don't imitate anyone except for myself. I would never call God a "Megalo-maniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully." It just wouldn't sound the same if I said it. It is best said by the master himself.

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Daddy Stegosaurus said...

Wow. So you're the other atheist in Arkansas that I've been hearing about!

Nice blog. I'll be keeping an eye on you.