Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Good Bye, Oral! We'll miss you.

At least, we have a pair of giant bronze clasping hands to remember him by. Really, can a guy named Oral really be that bad? I bet his wife just loved that name.

Well, since I don't have millions of dollars to spend erecting giant metal body parts, I'll just have to make do with this picture as my memmorial to a great non-thinker.
Oral, Ken, and Gloria being ROFLed
I dare you to guess what body part I'd depict in bronze to commemorate my fallen non-hero, if I had millions of dollars to waste.

Hat tip goes to Martin at The Atheist Experience Blog for supplying the photo and inspiring some rofling.

Edit: More silliness:


The Rambling Taoist said...

And we should all pray for Oral's twin brother, Anal. I'm sure this is a trying time for him.

Robert Madewell said...

Don't forget his sister, Vaginal.

I was wondering if I was participating in schadenfreude at first, but decided no this is not schadenfreude. Because the man lived longer than anyone is expected to. He was in his 90's. I hope I'll live that long. He lived a full and long life of bilking little old ladies out of their savings.

He built his empire out the the sweat and blood of others. Now, there's a long line of successors ready to take up the 900 foot Jesus crown. He has sons that are ready to beg for millions of dollars by claiming that God wants to kill them. Roberts has left the building and it looks good for everyone else ready to divvy up the booty.

The man died stinking filthy rich. Maybe, I'm in the wrong business.

Lorena said...

Well, the fact that guy lived so long should tell you what type is most enjoyable.

Jenna said...

Ah, the fun of kicking a dead man. False teacher or not, really Robert, I expect better.

Robert Madewell said...

Oh, Jenna.
I can't feel sorry for him. He lived to be older than most of us will live to be. Besides, I kicked him as much while he was alive. Face it, we'll all die. If someone gets a little rofled at my passing, I won't care any more than Oral is caring about what I say, right now. Like I said, I don't think this is schadenfreude because there really is no misfortune here. Oral lived a long and productive life ripping off grandmas. I don't feel sorry at all for him. The only misfortune is the fact that little old ladies on fixed incomes gave him their life savings. For Oral, he had a great life. Even though, it was at the expense of others.

False teacher? That's fundie talk! I just call him what he was: A Swindler, A Con Man, A Hustler, A Charlatan. Take your pick. However, I would never call him a teacher of any sort, because I didn't learn a thing from him, true or false.

Well Jenna, thanks for commenting. I appreciate it. That's what makes blogging fun for me. Don't hold back. Give me all the criticism you can dish. It's what I live for.

P.S. I'm working on a new song entitled: Nine Hundred Foot Tall Jesus Knocking on my Door.

Jenna said...

It's people like you who give atheists a bad name. Just because you don't believe in God doesn't mean you have to be a cold-hearted jerk. You must have alot of hatred in your heart.

GCT said...

Just because someone dies doesn't mean we have to talk nicely about the person. Oral Roberts was a con man who bilked people out of their money. Why should Robert feel bad about pointing that out, and why should you feel the need to rant at him for doing so?

Robert Madewell said...

So, I'm a cold hearted jerk? I've never begged little old ladies for their life's savings. Taking money from people who can't afford it to build giant body parts? Now that's what I call being a cold hearted jerk.

Face it Jenna, we'll all die. There's nothing sacred about dead people. They're not going to come back to eat my brains for being insensitive to an event that we'll all have to face some day.

Besides, I can't stand it that while a person is alive, there's lots of criticism, then when that person dies, nobody can say anything bad about him. Oral Roberts was a cold hearted jerk when he was alive and I'm not going to pretend that he's any different now that he's dead.

Jenna said, "It's people like you who give atheists a bad name."

Really? When did we ever have a good name? Atheists have been demonized by theists ever since ... well ... forever. As far as my country goes, it's the Christians that have given atheists a bad name. I can't count how many times I've heard Psalms 14:1 quoted from the pulpit. We've been shamed and marginalized all because we don't agree with you. I had just recently attended a lecture in my home town that was entitled, "Atheism's Attack on America." How am I attacking America? Please! I live my life day by day. I cook. I eat. I play music. I love my country. Just like millions of other Americans.

"You must have alot of hatred in your heart."

I won't admit to hate. But, I will admit to anger. Yeah, I'm angry. I'm mad. Oral Roberts was a fraud and now that he's dead, I'm expected to act like he was a saint. No thanks. He bilked millions out of money that they needed. Now that he's gone, his sons and successors are also playing the same old con games Roberts did.

Besides, Jenna, I could be wrong, but I think you may actually know me personally. If so, and you've actually met me, do I seem like a person with lots of hate in his heart? Really?

Jenna said...

First off, no I don't know you personally. Secondly, I am on the same side of the fence as you. I simply think we don't have to be idiotic about our criticism of these sheisters. Yes he was a man responsible for many horrible atrocities against mankind. However, resorting to doctored pictures is childish and unnecessary. It's like saying to a Christian, "God is stupid." It's taking the low road in an argument because you don't have the ability or desire to argue intelligently. Time to grow up Robert. You are spewing the same hate this guy spread. You make yourself no better than him.

Robert Madewell said...

OK, I apologize, Jenna. I was going on a hunch. I was confronted recently by an offended reader in public, face to face. She had a similar name, so I was going on that hunch. Sorry. I'm wrong every now and then.

"However, resorting to doctored pictures is childish and unnecessary. It's like saying to a Christian, "God is stupid."

It's like saying? See, you're projecting your own expectations on me. Nowhere in this blog have I ever said that God is stupid. You can't know my intentions from a silly picture. I am not totally anti-theist. There are plenty of atheists that have a harsher opinion of theists, than I. I sometimes even find myself defending the sincerity of fundamentalists and creationists.

The doctored photos are just me having fun and practicing my skill with the gimp. If you don't like them and they make you angry, then maybe you shouldn't look at them. That would be unfortunate because I love this debate, but I wouldn't want to cause you any anxiety.

"Secondly, I am on the same side of the fence as you."

I'm sorry. I do not believe you. You write too much like a fundie. You seem to have a low offense threshold just like a fundie. That "atheists a bad name" comment was way too fundie for any atheist I know and the "hatred in your heart" comment clinched it. Of course, I may be wrong. Going on a hunch again. I think you are a fundamentalist of the non-charismatic sort that is just offended that I violated some taboo against criticizing or ridiculing the dead.

I'm sorry that you are offended, but It's not my job to keep you happy. Keeping my own wife happy is enough of a job for me. LOL!

Jenna said...

LOL! You are an ignorant tool.

Robert Madewell said...

Is that all?!?!? Is that all you can say? All you have done is accused and tried to insult. You have not discussed anything. I have brought up several points that would make for some great discussion and all you can do is call me a tool. Am I really being the childish one here? Don't bother replying. I could care less about anything else you have to say.

fuuuuck said...

At least Oral lived long enough to see an african american become president. I bet that riled him up!

Robert Madewell said...

I bet it did too, ethinethin. Is there any anti-Obama sound clips from him or his sons?