Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Blogging Alpha Course?

Some time ago, I wrote a letter to The Alpha Course, stating that I would like to attend and document my experience on my blog. This morning, I recieved a call from them. Seems that there are a few local churches that participate in the program. If I find one that is starting a course, I'll try to go, so I can share my thoughts after each metting.


PaulJ said...

Should be interesting. Adam Rutherford's talk at TAM London 2010 was about Alpha. Have you seen Stephen Butterfield's blog about it?

Anonymous said...

I second the recommendation for Stephen Butterfield's blog. I did a debunk on the anecdote of modern day healing you'll hear in week 9. Details are here: http://inspirationdebunked.wordpress.com/2011/01/02/skin-deep/
Worth picking up Alpha - Questions of Life beforehand if you'd like to do some preparation.

Lexica said...

Just to say I already have one going at the moment you might be interested in.. Currently week 3. Feel free to comment and add


Lexica said...

oops wrong URL... sorry


Please comment too :)