Monday, March 29, 2010

I Like This Kind of Prayer!

I think that when someone tells me, unsolicited, that he/she is going to prayer for me, he/she should send me one of these prayers.

Click here to see the fuzzy-bunny poem inside.

Let's face it. When most Christians say that they'll pray for you, they are trying to make you feel better, or feel supported, without actually doing something. Often, the one offering prayer offers prayer so that he/she can feel like he/she is doing something without actually doing something. Also, offered prayer is probably nothing more than an offer to pray, because I'm willing to bet that most people offering prayer do not actually do the prayer.

So, I think that when I'm offered prayer, I should be sent this little chocolate prayer. See, chocolate is something that actually makes me feel better. Also, it's just darned nice to give someone chocolate.

I think that I will buy some of these (only $1.00 at Deals) and send these prayers to those in my family who are distraght over my de-conversion.


Anonymous said...

When I was a kid, I took piano lessons. My piano teacher got sick and had to have a heart valve replaced (she was in no immediate danger, but it was a long-term decision to help improve her quality of life). Before I went into my last lesson before her operation, my mother told me to tell her that we'd be praying for her, so I did that.

A couple weeks later we found out she died in the hospital because her body rejected the valve. I felt really, really guilty because I never prayed for her and told her I would. I told my mother how guilty I felt and she said it was okay because she hadn't prayed for her either. She reasoned that god would have taken her whether we prayed or not because it was all part of "His Plan".

Seriously... if god has a plan, it's no Ocean's Eleven.

Lorena said...

LOL! Yeah, chocolate will definitely help them get over the heartbreak.

As for "I'm praying for you," that's Christianese for "I hope things go well for you." Since, well, they really don't pray. OK, maybe once in a while.