Thursday, January 28, 2010

John Hagee Hates Mr. Mom

HT goes to Bruce @ Restless Wanderings.


neil h said...

He certainly looks like he's been sitting on his fat ass being supported by his congregation!

Robert Madewell said...

Hagee is a disgusting preacher, neil. He screams and yells. He judges people, even people who might be in his congregation. I have heard him preach against obesity, yet he is also obese (not a sin, IMO. just saying. I'm fat too).

He's the type of minister that has to put on a show. He has to be provocative or no one will listen to him. If he didn't do something like that, people would be too disgusted by him to sit through an hour of that crap. He's the type of evangelist you watch to see what he'll say this time. BTW, my parents love him. Meh.

On a lighter note, his son Matthew was as big (if not bigger) than his dad, but he lost most of his weight. Now, he looks like a republican senator. Good Job, Matthew. Next, you need to work on getting rid of that zionist theology of yours. What a good PK, unlike your's truly.

CybrgnX said...

This 'thing' sounds like the wack-job who thought my kids were lazy slackers because they still lived at home till they were over 25. And my son-in-law is a sort of Mr Mom (he has a small business)while his wife is a biologist with the NIH.
But neil is right -this is a clear case of the very large pot calling a kettle black.
Almost all moral systems have a statement about cleaning up your own act before criticizing others.
This is another case that illustrates that europe is way better then then US in somethings, where stay at home kids and MrMoms are not disrespected.

sinclair said...

But I never understand why it is so terrible to criticize stay at home dads, yet stay at home moms have been criticized by feminists for the past 40 years. Can someone explain that? thank you.

Robert Madewell said...

I don't know, Sinclair. I have no prob with stay at home moms, either. My mother is a stay at home mom.

GCT said...

The problem is that the whole idea of the "stay at home mom while the dad goes out and earns the bacon" is patriarchal and based on the idea of women being inferior. Both are the same sides of the same coin. What we should want and expect of society is one where women don't stay at home because it is their role to do so and men are free to stay at home if that is what works for the family.