Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Godless Gourmet and The Creationism Conference

Hey guys! Since, I am not working because of health issues, I decided to something I always wanted to do. I now have a sister blog that has nothing at all to do with atheism, except that the author is an atheist. It's called Godless Gourmet. I'm going through some of my own recipes and standardizing them. I'm also going to try some of the more interesting internet recipes and document the experience. If any of you guys are food hounds like me, check it out and give me some pointers and ideas.

I've been trying to work on the other blog for a week and haven't found alot of time to work on either of my blogs. Finally, I posted my first recipe over there, so now I feel I can tell y'all about it.

Don't worry about this blog, though. I attended a Church of Christ creationist conference last weekend, so I have lots to write about. I think even met one of our anonymouses. I told you guys that I suspected that some of our anonymouses was from my local churhces! Now I know that at least one was.

I have concerns about the speaker. It has nothing to do with differences in belief. My concerns have to do with honesty. The speaker is an extremely educated man and has legitimate degrees from accredited universities. I was impressed about that at first, but when he started talking about science, I became quite dismayed.

His arguments were strawman after strawman. I recognized over two dozen instances where he misrepresented science. And, not even subtly. I have heard similar arguments from local pastors. However, none have the credentials that this man does. I do not feel that I am unjustified in expecting a higher quality of research and information from him than from the local youth pastor. That's why I suspect that this man is purposefully and intentionally lying to his audience. That disturbs me much more than anything a fundy could say about my post expiration destination. I still identify a little with fundamentalists. I still expect them to value honesty and accountability just like they claim to do. Since, I can prove that many of the speaker's claims about current science understanding is wrong, I have decided to write an open letter to the pastor of this church explaining to him why I feel that he has been swindled.

Well, I'm not going to keep you guys hanging, so here's a sample where Dr. Brad Harrub very likely lied about current scientific knowledge.

Dr. Harrub claims that the planet Jupiter is radiating more heat than what it recieves from the sun. As far as I know this is true. He further claimed that if the universe is 14 billion years old, in that time Jupiter should have cooled off completely. He'd probably be right if Jupiter was 14 billion years old. Current understanding is that the solar system formed all about the same time. The Sun, Jupiter, and the Earth are all roughly the same age and they're not 14 billion year old. I think the figure is 4.5 billion years. If he used that figure in his math, I'd bet he'd come up with a different result. Doesn't matter, because, this information is readily available to anyone with a pooter. Like I said, I hold his information to a higher degree of quality because of his credentials. So, it looks suspicious to me.


Anonymous said...

"He further claimed that if the universe is 14 billion years old, in that time Jupiter should have cooled off completely."

so is a young earth creationist trying to cast doubt on the apparent age of the universe or is he an old earth creationist that just had his facts wrong.?

Anonymous said...

The presentation by Brad Harrub was immensely disappointing. Not what one would expect from a scientist. His lack of knowledge or ommision of cosmology truths was most notable.
His presentation is what one would expect from a creationist. Flood geology,age of our planet, solar system, age of the universe.
The scientific method, biased interpretations, peer reviewed evaluation, bare assertations, obfuseations, geology, archeology, evolution. The bible as fact of proof?
***The increditable display of armed police at the atheism attack on America presentation Fri. Dec 4th
The whole program was the ultimate display of intolerance in America today by religous proponents. Trashing anyone who does not agree with their apologetic retorich.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flood geology#cite note-43
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Age of the Earth

DagoodS said...

What is more disappointing? That he claimed Jupiter is 14 Billion years old, that no one in the audience would ever take the time to verify it, or that he probably realized he could make such a claim because no one would ever bother to check him out?

Robert Madewell said...

Anonymous@December 8, 2009 9:02 AM,

He is a young earth creationist. He claims that the earth is at least 6,000 years old, but younger than 10,000 years.

He is trying to cast doubt on the appearant age of the universe. He is either confusing the age of the solar system with the age of the universe and being negligent about reasearching the actual claims made by cosmologists, or he is purposefully misrepresenting the opposing veiwpoint. Either way, it is unexcusable for a man with Dr. Brad Harrubs credentials to present such poor and false information, IMO.

I only have an associates degree from a community college and I know enough science that I caught him misrepresenting accepted scientific knowlege at least twelve times. You know I have letters I can put after my name too. Robert Madewell A.A.S.