Sunday, November 29, 2009

One Ding Bat Slamming Another

Appearantly Howard Stern doesn't like Kirk Cameron's proselytizing at college campuses. I agree with Stern on several points, but Stern got something wrong.

Kids are allowed to open their bibles at school. They are allowed to have them and they are allowed to read them on their own time. Otherwise, there wouldn't be a bible in every school library in this country. What's not allowed is a teacher teaching from the bible. Unless, of course, it's a comparative religion class or something like it.

Also, I didn't like them critisizing Cameron for being a child star who worked with Alan Thick. So what, Howard! I don't think anyone should listen to you because, you have your own radio talk show! Same thing!

There are atheists out there that I just can't stand and Stern is at the top of that list.

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P.S. I love it when the caller trys out Pascal's Wager on Stern. Stern handles it real well. He doesn't argue the wager at all. He restates his position and insists that the caller deal with that. The caller had nothing to stand on. Though Stern didn't have to call him an idiot.


Lorena said...

I didn't know Howey was an atheist. He's probably the head of the nasty branch of atheists.

Robert Madewell said...

Actually, I don't know either. I assumed. I realized that I ass-u-me after I had already posted. I prolly better research my claim so I can retract it if I'm wrong.

Thanks for reminding me, Lorena.

ethinethin said...

That caller was absurd. I can't understand how he didn't grasp the idea that by opening the doorway to one religion into public schools, all religions would have to be allowed (or it would a case of the government endorsing one religion over another which would be a violation of the first amendment).

A lot of these fundie types like that always trot out the "America was founded as a christian nation!" type of notion, showing (of course) their profound ignorance of history. Maybe they're not thinking of the continental congress when they say that, but rather the Puritans, who came to America to found a theocratic society.