Friday, October 23, 2009

God Visits Me (In My Skillet)

This morning, I was making myself some breakfast of fried eggs and corncakes. When I flipped the corncake over, I noticed there was an unmistakable image of a face on it. I think it might be God. It has that "smite the Kennite and rape his daughter" kind of smirk.

I am sorry to report that Corncake God will not be for sale on Ebay or anywhere else. I was given such a wonderful gift as God's face in a corncake. I knew that I had to do something special with it. So, I ate it with two fried eggs.

I'll say one thing for him. God is delicious. Though, I think I'll use less salt next time.

Hey! I was hungry!


Anonymous said...


Tracy said...

I wouldn't say yawn; it is rather amusing.

Robert Madewell said...

Why A Hillbilly Eats Arepas

With the increasing number of people from latin america in my area, there's been an increase in the availablity of latin american ingredients. I found the arepa flour at a local discount store and tried it according to the directions on the package. (I have to try everything.)

The final procuct tastes very similar to a traditional ozark dish known as "fried mush". Since the arepa flour costs about the same as cornmeal and it's less work to make the arepas, I make arepas instead of fried mush. Fried mush has to be prepared the night before then sliced and fried in the skillet in the morning. Fried mush is exactly the same thing as polenta. With arepas, you just mix the flour with water and set it for a few minutes. Then smush the balls of dough into pancakes then fry them. Much easier.

ethinethin said...

Eating the lord? Well no more than catholics do every sunday, right?

Anonymous said...

Exactly. Bunch of idol worshipers

Randall "Doc" Fleck said...

Now that's funny. Breakfast of Champions.