Sunday, September 27, 2009

Stealth Proselytizing

If you are too chicken s*** to talk to people face to face, you can drop these cards on their cars and run for cover.

Click here, about half way down page.
PDF of business card.

Caption: What is so cool about business cards is that if you can’t talk face to face: You can place hundreds on car windows (note the placement above), within minutes!

I really dislike stealth proselytizing. It's not unusual for me to be at home all day on a weekend to go out the front door to find a tract stuck in the storm door or a bag of tracts hanging on the door knob. If they want to invite me to their church, they should ring my doorbell and talk to me in person. If they can't handle talking to someone then they need to move on, because I'm not interested in being the victim of an evangelical hit and run.


Boz said...

I notice the card said "Free holiday if you visit this site: http://www. ..."

Could this be considered as false advertising in your country?

Robert Madewell said...

Boz, probably. The USA is not very hard on false advertisers though. There's plenty of loopholes and if you have a good enough lawyer, you can pretty much say what you want to.

ethinethin said...

I would say that fortunately the advertising laws in the U.S. are not as draconian as laws in, say, the U.K.

Obviously it is illegal to advertise with outright lies, but it is not illegal to use expressions and hyperbole. One should not get sued for saying (for example) they sell "The best light bulbs in the country!" because obviously that's a subjective thing.

Offering a "free holiday" in the context of getting saved is not something I imagine any sensible lawyer would waste his time dealing with in a court of law.

I think most sensible people would think "this is probably some metaphor, like going to heaven as an eternal holiday, or maybe at best, a free trip to the creation museum" and if they're still interested they could go to the website.

By contrast, it would probably be illegal (but difficult to enforce) for a company to say "Register on our site today to earn a chance to win an all expenses paid dream vacation to Rome!" when they have no intention of honoring their promise.

The law is not a tool to get rid of opinions we don't agree with, but rather a tool for preserving our individual rights as citizens.

To use the youtube community as a metaphor, imagine filing a false DMCA claim against a video you simply don't like. By doing so, you're breaking the law and infringing on someone else's right to free speech. The more appropriate action would be to vote 1-star and move on. Toss out the pamphlet and move on.

Of course, if there are dozens of pamphlets that get blown out of car windows and litter a parking lot, that is another case altogether..

ethinethin said...

I said:
Toss out the pamphlet and move on.

Or better yet, recycle it. Most paper is recyclable.

Lorena said...

Personally, I prefer to get the business card. That one I can toss--or recycle.

I don't want them at my door. I have enough with the JW's.

I guess the rationale behind leaving leaflets or business cards anonymously is that you do your part and God does his, by using the material to draw the person to Jesus.

When you are under heavy brainwashing, like I was, it is easy to believe that.