Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Bible Dance

My wife brought a coloring book home for our niece. In it was a page featuring a pair of square dancers. The page explains that the square dance is the state folk dance of Arkansas. I bet half the sates in the union have the square dance as the state folk dance. No matter. I thought that maybe the true state folk dance should be the Bible Dance. Here's my new character praising a local church for it's powers of observation.

I know. I need to get a life.

Disclaimer: There was absolutely no copyright information on the coloring book!


Lorena said...

Evolution is the creed

I always knew I wasn't a "True" atheist. Because it isn't a "creed." It is a fact. That must be why I never think of it. Never.

The Prophetic Observer said...

You should leave the cartoons to bay-of-fundies :o)

Robert Madewell said...

PO, The cartoon is not meant to be humorous. I am childishly mocking religious stereotypes. I intend for it to be offensive to people with weak sensibilities. I admit it.

* Blonde hair, white shirt, white man, tie, bible in hand, dancing in the spirit and raising hands in worship.

Anonymous said...

I'm just offended he's wearing jeans to church. lol