Friday, April 24, 2009

Mark's Topic: What would you do if when you die you have to face God?

Mark wanted it so here it is. Another open thread.

Commenter Mark Morrison from "forgiven but not perfect" wants to know, "What would you do if when you die you have to face God?"

So, go ahead and explore this question. (Like we haven't done this before.)


Robert Madewell said...

"What would you do if when you die you have to face God?".
I guess, I'd be up that proverbial creek without a means of locomotion.

Mark, that does sound like scare tactics to me.

Again, if I "decided to believe" just so Jesus wouldn't burn me when I'm dead, would that be sincere enough? Would Jesus say, "Well, you did everything I said to do even if it was only to avoid hell, so come on in!"? Is the fear of hell a sufficient requirement for salvation?

Are you getting my point yet?

GCT said...

I'll assume that he is asking specifically about the Xian god.

I would probably be rather frightened. This is a tyrannical, egomaniacal, evil, capricious, immoral, sadistic, unjust deity. No matter what, at that point, I would probably be bound for hell. This god is not to be loved, but to be feared. I would hope that I would have enough self-control to stand up against the tyranny and speak out for the rights and freedoms that god should grant us before he casts me into hell for his enjoyment of watching people suffer.

I think the assumptions, however, that Mark makes are problematic. He assumes that he has the right god. He assumes that his god acts in the way and thinks in the way that Mark thinks he does. These are both most likely wrong, considering the breadth of scope of theistic beliefs the world over.

Tiger said...

Tell him that I gave him plenty of chances to prove his existence, even going so far as to tell him how he could go about doing that.

If he decides to be a dick about it, which he probably will if the Old Testament is any indication, hope that Satan isn't the bad guy God's propaganda makes him out to be.

The Rambling Taoist said...

What would I really do? Who the hell knows? Honestly, none of us -- believers or non-believers -- has any even the faintest notion!

That said, I'm sure it would be a frightful experience, not only for heretics like me but for devout Christians like Mark. If God is really sort of like a celestial Santa Claus (keeping a list, checking it twice!) every bad move or thought will show up on each of our ledgers.

If there is a God, then the joke may well turn out that we're each going to hell because NOT ONE OF US can measure up to his supremeness. So Mark, I'll be sure to save you a seat between me and Hitler! :)

Anonymous said...

Mark sure is not afaid to critique
anyone who disagrees with him on his blog. Arrogance and egocetric thinking from one claiming a higher intellect and knowledge of understanding from a mythology based belief. Even to evolution which he and other apologist so much love to make fun of. They make great claims but never submit them to peer reviewed science or publications. Only religious bible based institutions or books for sale. In the names of gods they would bring back all th horrors of the dark ages.

Mark Morrison said...

no answer ibex?

Mark Morrison said...

I get back to you guys on Monday please forgive my delay. My daughter is very sick thanks for your response so far.


Anonymous said...

Mark I do have a answer, which gods do I meet, their are so many.
Tell me where in this universe does nature allow such a place for gods to reside? I am not going to play your game of what "if" a god exists, gods do not exist. Lets play with the position their are no gods and see if you are open minded as you say we should be.
Best to your daughter.

Snogger said...

If I died and found myself meeting God, I'd say, "Wow, Quetzalcoatl! You were sure a long shot!"

Mark Morrison said...

Hello Robert,

Sorry for the delay my daughter is still sick.

I agree with you, Hell fire preaching does a lot of damage to people. Wow, did we just agree???? But wait, there's more. Sorry couldn't resist. I wasn't looking for a fear of Hell but rather your reaction to the truth of God. What would be your words at that point.

You see I don't want anyone to face judgement. That has never been my point. I would rather you see the truth that is God. You claim if He would just show Himself you would believe, but I feel like He has shown you,me, and everyone else. There are to many variables in life and the existence of life to have happened by chance. It's kind of strange how we both look at the same evidence and come to different conclusions.

Thanks to you and everyone who responded. I'll try to get back to everyone in time.


GCT said...

"There are to many variables in life and the existence of life to have happened by chance."

Please explain this statement. What do you know about probabilities? Is it more or less probable to be dealt a royal flush than any other hand? Think carefully before you answer.

"It's kind of strange how we both look at the same evidence and come to different conclusions."

It is strange, especially considering that you are positing a god that has the ability to be completely unambiguous, and has the power (at no cost to himself) to make himself obviously known.

Robert Madewell said...

Mark said, "... but rather your reaction to the truth of God.".
First we need to establish that this is truth. If we can't agree that this Truth of God™ is truth, then we'll get nowhere.

GCT said...

I think he's asking us to imagine that he's right, that we will face god and that he will be the sick, sadistic, a-hole that throws people into hell for having the wrong beliefs (thought crime essentially).

Robert Madewell said...

You're right, GCT. It's really hard to abandon my skeptical nature when people claim that they have this Truth™ that no one else has.

It's a pointless to imagine that, anyways, IMO. If it's all true and I happen to face Mark's God on judgement day, there's really nothing I could do about it, I guess. Since Mark's God is a zero tolerence type of guy. That being the case, makes the question sound very much like fearmongering to me.

Anonymous said...

I would cry "Abba,Father!" and rush into His loving arms.