Thursday, November 27, 2008

Opponents didn't care?

Here's a beautiful letter to the editor that was posted in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, November 27, 2008, page 5B.
Opponents didn't care

I am tired of seeing all the Voices submissions calling on married couples who voted for children's rights to a stable home in Act 1 to line up to adopt children.

If these people cared enough about children, they would give up a sinful homosexual lifestyle or see that if you are not a person who can commit to marriage, then why should a child be put in your home and hope that you would commit to him?

I do help raise a child who isn't mine with my wife. Our children are a blessing from God and deserve a stable home that doesn't confuse them or send them packing when the going gets tough, like when they kick out a boyfriend or girlfriend when times get tough.

My guy didn't win the presidency, but my guy didn't believe in killing babies and homosexual marriage. Barack Obama can count on my prayers, though. I really hope that God will change his heart on some things like abortion. All I can say to the homosexuals and [those with] live in relationships is, why not hurt some poor folks and go buy a lottery ticket? I'm sure they voted for that.
Mike Jenkins
North Little Rock
This article just oozes the christian love.

This guy must be the total opposite anti-matter version of me. If him and I were to touch, we'd both explode in a violent realease of energy that would destroy the entire planet.

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Vagon said...

Just noticed I had you pegged as a theist, haha sorry mate.