Saturday, October 25, 2008

Go See Religulous

No spoilers here.

It was a great movie. What struck me most about it was how people get offended by just being asked questions. Bill Maher was kicked out of The Vatican and almost kicked out of a religious theme park just because he was asking the wrong questions. Seems that nothing stops honest inquiry faster than religion. Sheeples aren't expected to ask questions, they're expected to listen and bobble their heads.

This movie is probably the best example of a documentary that exposes the absurdity and intolerance of religion. (Jesus Camp is a close second.)

Even if you are a christian and your preacher is bad mouthing this movie from the pulpit, go see this movie. Even if you're offended and want to leave, please watch this movie to the end. There is a very important message at the end.

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Anonymous said...

Even asking simple guestions of religious people exposed how little they know even their on bible. Never were trick questions asked or derogetory remarks made.
Religulous exposes religion for the quick sand it is based upon and how thin skined it really is.
Larry M Johnson