Sunday, October 12, 2008

Discrepancy in Biblical Geneologies

This morning I attended a creationist lecture by Dr. Tommy Mitchell of Answers in Genesis. I was actually impressed by his ability as a speaker. He was soft spoken, told jokes, and appealed to the congregations emotions.

I was a little late. The service started at 9:30. I got there just as they were introducing him. I was having trouble finding a seat, so I looked up toward the front of the auditorium and there was a whole row of empty seats right up front! (What is it about people not wanting to sit up front in church?) So I walked right up there and sat right on the front row in the middle. I was so close I could have seen the lettuce in Dr. Mitchell's teeth, if there was any. The only person willing to sit in the front row was an atheist! That is so beautiful. I was also the only one I noticed taking notes.

Like I said, Dr. Mitchell is a good speaker. However, he is wrong on several points. I could write a very long article on each one of his points. My thoughts are still not organized on it. Before I get into the meat, I'm going to have to go over my notes better. So Today, I'm going to debunk one of his very minor points.

Dr. Mitchell claimed that he knows that the earth is only 6000 years old because if you count backward through the geneologies in the bible, you get the age of the earth. (See here.) To strengthen his claim, he said that there are no discrepancies in biblical geneologies. Well, I'm afraid there are. Two of the gospels give lengthy geneologies of Jesus. The Matthew Geneology starts at Abraham and ends with Jesus. The Luke Geneology goes backward starting at Jesus ending at Adam. So, from Abraham to Jesus, these two geneologies should agree. Right? Look at this and see.

Matthew 1:2-16 Luke 3:23-34
Abraham Abraham
Isaac Isaac
Jacob Jacob
Judas Juda
Phares Phares
Esrom Esrom
Aram Aram
Aminadab Aminadab
Naasson Naasson
Salmon Salmon
Booz Booz
Obed Obed
Jesse Jesse
David David
Solomon Nathan
Roboam Mattatha
Abia Menan
Asa Melea
Josaphat Eliakim
Joram Jonan
Ozias Joseph
Joatham Juda
Achaz Simeon
Ezekias Levi
Manasses Matthat
Amon Jorim
Josias Eliezer
Jechonias Jose
Salathiel Er
Zorobabel Elmodam
Abiud Cosam
Eliakim Addi
Azor Melchi
Sadoc Neri
Achim Salathiel
Eliud Zorobabel
Eleazar Rhesa
Matthan Joanna
Jacob Juda
Joseph Joseph
Jesus Semei

They do agree until you get to King David. From there on, they are completly different. The Matthew Geneology goes through all the Kings of Judah, until the Babylonian Captivity. The names after David in the Luke Geneology look to be made completely up, except for Zorobabel, who was the Jewish hero that rebuilt the temple. The two geneologies even disagree as to what the name of Jesus' grandfather was. These two geneologies can not be for the same man. No way Jose (who is one of Jesus's ancestors according to Luke)!

Hey! Am I the only one to notice that both geneologies have Joseph as Jesus' father? Shouldn't the geneologies end with Mary the mother of Jesus because Joseph isn't Jesus' father? How can Jesus be descended from King David through Joseph? The authors of the gospels both messed up on this one.