Thursday, August 14, 2008

Why do I work hard against God?

A few weeks ago, I read a story in my local paper about a pastor who admitted to having sex with a seventeen year old girl in his church. Here's the link. The 18th comment on the story is mine.
A Harrison Atheist wrote on Aug 2, 2008 12:49 AM:

" I agree with Jessica. He had a moral obligation not to have sexual contact with a minor of any age. What bothers me is that this minister probably preached against others who do similar things. Of course, he may be innocent. But if he is guilty, then he is a hypocrite like so many pastors, berrating his flock for minor little sins while commiting a whopper behind their backs. Proves to me that morality is not nessecary to be Christian. "

Really, my comment is not all that harsh compared to other comments on the page. I even admit the possibility that the pastor is innocent (this was before I knew more of the story). As far as I can tell, the only reason I get this next reply (halfway down the page) is because I signed the comment "A Harrison Atheist."
follow the truth wrote on Aug 2, 2008 1:47 PM:

" This is a comment to "A Harrison Atheist".
Why do atheist work so hard against GOD when atheist do not belief there is a God. I belief that work so hard against God is because they are really afraid. Now to the story at hand, if the story is true justice will be done. Be I am like others that would like to hear the whole story, the whole truth about this. Media always never tell it all so they can get a bigger story out of it. They like to give a tid bit of it so they can then have a part 2, 3, 4, 5 etc....../ Man will handle it talking alot about it ( gossip ) tell what should be done. It really just comes down one final judge, JESUS CHRIST. "

Notice the all caps.

Well, I've thought about it. Even though the first sentence doesn't have a question mark, I recognize it as a question. Despite being a bit assuming, it is a good question. If I don't believe in God, why would I work hard against said God?

First let's come to an understanding. Each atheist is unique. Yes, I am an atheist and I can tell you why I am one. However, I can not tell you why Joe Bob Dinglecuddy III is an atheist. You would have to ask him. I can tell you what my motivations for being outspoken about atheism is. But, I can not tell you why Sherry Lyn Pickleberry-Jones is an outspoken atheist. You would have to ask her. (Names were changed to protect the innocent.) I can only speak for myself. I would never presume to be able to speak for all atheists.

Secondly, this question is loaded. It assumes that I work hard against God. Before I can even answer this question I have to defend myself and explain that I do not work at all against God. I do not have a problem with anyone believing in God. I can understand a concept of God. I see absolutely no harm in believing in God. I'm not even trying to make anyone an atheist. I have personal reasons for not believing in God. Not everyone is going to have the same outlook on life that I have. Just because being an atheist is good for me, does not mean that it would be good for everyone. I do not proselytize.

Here's my answer. I don't work hard against God. I do not believe he exists. It would be foolish to work against something that I do not believe is real. However, I do believe in religion. Religion is real. It does exist. I see it everywhere. I see it incubating hate in the minds of hundreds of the citizens in my town. It fosters an "us and them" attitude, a "we're good, they're evil" mindset. Religion is what I work against, not God. You can count on it.

Anytime religion wants to impose it's values on others, I'll be there, working against it every step of the way. BTW, I am afraid, not of a non-existant God, but of religion. Religion has harmed billions throughout history. It still harms millions every day and I see no end to it. Yes, I am afraid of religion. For good reason.


Anonymous said...

Why do atheist fight so hard agaisnt God.
My first question is why you think
there are gods? You assume authority having only premiss.
No where do gods show up in the sciences.
Religions have a history of terror since they first originated.
A track record of intolerance, bigotry, hatred, cencership, mass murder, burning books, un-civility, dark ages to name a few.
The moment one mentions he is a atheist is to be a outcast.
The preacher mentioned did confess and resigned, it was in our daily newspaper.
Larry M Johnson

Robert Madewell said...

Larry said, "My first question is why you think
there are gods?"

Like I said, the question is loaded. It's loaded on several points. First, it assumes that I fight against God. Secondly, it assumes that there is a God to fight against (as Larry pointed out). Thirdly, it also assumes (subtly) that all atheists fight against God.

I probably shouldn't even bother to answer a question like this. As a matter of fact, I didn't answer it on the comment thread of the newpaper story. The thread got way too long, so I thought it'd be better just to discuss it here.